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Incompetence or Misrepresentation???

Just wanted to pass comment on what, at face value, appears to be shoddy practice on behalf of BT.
I am a longstanding (25+ years) BT customer. I today telephoned the Freephone number and got through to an Indian based lady. I explained I wanted to renew my line rental saver, which expires shortly. This was dealt with, then, in a subsequent conversation, we also discussed my Broadband package which is also with BT. I am presently on Infinity 1, with a 40GB monthly allowance. Following the recent price increase, this now costs £20.39pm, which includes weekend and evening calls. As I regularly come close to the 40GB limit, I have considered switching to the ‘unlimited’ package.

The lady advised I could upgrade to "unlimited broadband" at a cost of £23pm. At face value, a modest increase of £2.61pm. However, to clarify what I was being offered, on 3 separate occasions during the call, I asked for confirmation that the other features of my ‘package’ would remain the same, in particular the weekend and evening calls. She confirmed this was correct. It was only when on the verge of committing to the upgrade that I realised she kept referring to “unlimited weekend calls” only. When pressed on the subject, she admitted that evening calls were not included in the new package and that to do so would cost an additional £3pm. At best this is incompetence and at worst fraudulent misrepresentation in order to conclude a sale. Being new to the forum, I would welcome any comments before I decide how/whether to take this matter further.     

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Re: Incompetence or Misrepresentation???

Hi Marcus_H,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I'm sorry for any confusion with the order. I'll be happy to take a look at it for you. Just drop me an email with your details. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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