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Incompetent buffoons

I am fed up with dealing with BT customer support.


I placed an order to move house 21st of August, The 'move' is to take place on the 14th of September.


As part of this BT are meant to send me a home-hub (which they didn't send last time....), and a set of telepohones.


I am moving from a house with 22, moving to one in a different village, 2,

7 years ago, I lived in a house with an 8

(all three are different towns/villages, even different county, I don't know how they can get it so wrong).


I am billed to the house 22, this is moving to 2

When I placed the order, I asked for the equipment to be sent to 22 (online order). It happens 2 days before moving, it should have happened yesterday.

I phoned up after placing the order, spent 30 minutes on the phone, the order confirmation had the 8 address, I lived at 7 years ago.


The person on the phone said they would sort it, everything is now going to 22, but on the 13th.

Yesterday came and went, but as the chap said 13th, I thought it may not have been a mistake, so I waited in off work again today.


Nothing, then I see that BT have sent a tracking message (yesterday).

I check it, (it is a couple of links deep), and it is going to the 8 address.


So I phone up, first person I talk to, in the home moving is not allowed to deal with the request.

Second person is incapable of understanding the problem.

Passes me on request to their manager,

I asked for the hub to be sent for a pre-9 tomorrow.  

Their manager, says that there are no home-hubs in the uk, but then cannot explain why they are sent by royal mail.


He was also very rude by putting the phone on hold for several minutes without warning. And when I brought him up on it, he said, 'I am sure you can uynderstand, but I have to deal with several complaints, and so have to multi-task'. Sorry, no, to me I don't see why if I am talking to someone, they should wander off to talk with someone else.


There has to be a 2 day delay in sending out the hub. I aksed if he could send a hub to the 22 address (where the people know me, and the RM will leave a package for me), and to the 2 address. He said that it would require a second order.

But then he refuses to do it. According to him, he could only send the hubs out to the 22 address, not to any other address (I assume that it is the active billing address).

When I asked how-come it went to the other address, he would not answer.


He didn't seem to understand what it means to move house.


He then said that I would be charged for the hubs. This isn't on if BT can'ty get it right to even get an address correct.

8 years ago, I moved with BT, and they were meant to send a hub, it never arrived. I phoned uyp and complained, purchased multiple routers/hubs myself (because BT claimed that it was my end that was faulty, not them). Even almost got charged for an engineer visit, until after 3 months they realised they had a modem plugged in incorrectly at the exchange. I asked for compensation and never received it.


He said that when the new hubs turn up, he xsaid I could call the same number back and get compensation, but couldn't answer why, he, as a manager couldn't actually progress it now, seeing as BT have already royally SCREWED UP.


So, is there anyone I can speak to in the UK (as this manager has still not made an order for the equipment, so I am not expecting it until after Tuesday at this rate), that would be capable of sorting out the mess? I don't wish to be rude, but the operatives claim that I don't understand, yet I suspect that many of their 'problems' talking on the call ("do you have stock in the uk", no, ) are due to them not understanding my native tongue.


If it weren't for the fact that BT owned the copper, (or probably aluminium, cheapskates), I would have gone elsewhere. I wish I had at the moment.

After that conversation, he still didn't give me who I should complain to for compensation or complaint.

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Re: Incompetent buffoons

What a surprise,

"will call you back in an hour sir, can I takethe number"


An hour later, no call from BT.

Only one more PPI call, which has doubled since asking BT to go onro TPS

Although, TPS when I asked have no record of the request.


Useless, all of them

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Community Manager
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Re: Incompetent buffoons

Hi coldpenguin,

I am sorry you're having so many problems with your account.

If you haven't already, can you send in your details and one of us mods will get back to you?

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Re: Incompetent buffoons

I have already sent in something linked to this topic on the BT Care pages.


I considered the live chat, but then after managing to cut my question down to 240 characters, was told that there was a 14 minute wait on average for people to be connected.


Most other live chats I have encountered are immediate (well, 5 seconds). Didn't bother to wait.


Either BT has too many problems, or they have too few competent staff. Or perhaps both.


Frankly it is too late now to really be of much help. The engineer will probably still attend tomorrow, as I suspect there isn't enough joined up thinking in the company to let him know that the items have not been shipped correctly. What would have made sense, is to send the relevant materials with the engineer, either as a matter of course, or once it was brought to BT's attention that they had mucked up.

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Re: Incompetent buffoons

With a bit of luck and a fair wind, you'll probably find the engineer carries some hubs in the van.


What I would do though if I were you, is get Stephanie onto your case by sending her the info she asks for above.



"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: Incompetent buffoons

The 'manager' obviously did not do the re-order as I explicitly requested, 2 days has at least passed.

I have re-sent the details to Stephanie, hopefully she can get the phones and hub delivered.


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