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Incorrect Location shown on Broadband Checker - Help

Hi, I moved into my new flat 13 months ago and spent months trying to get Royal Mail to tell everyone I exist, I had major problems with getting anyone to acknowledge that I lived in my location. It was finally rectified and I now have no problem getting most things delivered.


It now turns out that wasn't entirely corrected. When I check if I can receive broadband, the online map says that I live in a lake 3 miles south of my location. I've also been told that my exchange server is TH/RG 114. I also suspect that this information is incorrect too. 


Firstly, is there a way to check where my exchange server actually is via my own computer? As in, can I go online, type in something and get the physical location of the cabinet that serves my current location without having to use my phone number or postcode as I think they're all linked incorrectly.


Secondly, who do I talk to about making sure the postcode I have shows my correct location? The post office has my correct address now but everywhere else doesn't.


Last, but not least, is there a way to find out where the exchange cabinet TH/RG 114 physically is?


Thanks all

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