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Incorrect WiFi location

I know this isn't hugely uncommon, but BT internet gives my location as hundreds of miles away. When my phone is on WiFi, it uses the WiFi location which means weather, travel, reviews and any other local stuff stops working properly.


My WiFi with BT always used to know the correct town... is there a way I can reboot things? BT know where I am so why don't they tell my router this?

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Re: Incorrect WiFi location

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Why does the Hub think I live in Blackburn - I live in Durham

Hi all.


I've read through this thread as I'm having a similar problem:


  1. When I connect to my HH via ethernet, my location ( is reported as "Durham" which is correct but inaccurate by a few miles
  2. When I connect via WiFi (same PC, same router) the same website gets my location correct to the exact postcode
  3. When I connect my Android OnePlus3 one to Wifi, it invariably reports my location as Feniscowles, Blackburn (about 100 miles away) - it claims this with high accuracy!
  4. When my phone goes out of range of my WiFi, it gets my location perfectly
  5. My wife's iPhone seemingly doesn't get this issue
  6. In all cases my IP address is reported the same in but with wildly different locations and accuracies

I didn't use to have this problem with my old HH but have seen it on two different ones.


I'm particularly confused about 1 Vs 2... why would my local WiFi on my PC increase accuracy? And why do I only get the wrong location on my phone... that can't be related to my HH MAC can it otherwise everything on my network would be affected?

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