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Incorrect bill

On 9th September I called bt as my deal was coming to an end. I couldn't afford to pay any more than I was so I either wanted to cancel and use a different supplier with whom I had found a good deal or set up another deal with bt.

I spoke to a lovely lady who set me up with a brilliant deal which would come to £33.99 which was great so I went ahead. I received my confirmation email and was pleased with the service and the new deal.

Roll on to the next month. I receive my bill which comes to £48.99!! I call straight away to be told that the order hadn't been completed! I was assured that it now had and that next months bill would be correct and I would receive a refund for the amount I had been overcharged. Again I got off the phone and was happy with what I had been told.

Tuesday I received this month's bill. Guess what?? It's for £48.99 again!!! So back on the phone again to bee told no one could help but that I would get a call within 48hrs. I've had no such call.

I am getting very annoyed now and getting no where with anyone on the phone. I keep getting lied to and over charged by £15!!!

I need advice on what to do before I go mad at the next person I speak to at the call centre! I don't have time to sit on the phone for hours getting passed around every department possible
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Re: Incorrect bill

I have asked a forum moderator to help you they will post their contact link her
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Re: Incorrect bill

Hi @Katiemorley Sorry the pricing of your deal is not showing on your bill. 


We will be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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