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Incorrect billing amount

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I opted for the Super Fast Fibre 2 package that includes line rental for £35.43, yet I have now been charged  £51.88 for the past 2 Bills.


I have screenshots of my package that it says I am on, that also states it includes line rental ( at £35.43). Yet when I go into my Billing it shows 2 Bills, first one being Super fast fibre 2 Unlimited at £34.99 and an additional bill attached with the same title (super fast fibre 2 unlimited) at £16.89.

Neither one is correct as I should be paying £35.43 for my package INCLUDING line rental as advertised and screen capped. I am paying an extra £16.45 for something I did not agree to. What is going on. BT please fix this and reimburse.

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Re: Incorrect billing amount

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this is a customer help customer community forum as it says at outset.  your post does not go to BT

you can check your bill on MYBT to see if reason for price difference is shown otherwise you need to phone 150 and then billing

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Re: Incorrect billing amount

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Thank you for letting me know. BT themselves wont take any calls or support chats due to what's happening. They recommended to post in here about billing issues, but as you say, it's clearly not meant for that.

Thank you again.

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