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Incorrect details for address

I recently moved into a new build property, and ordered broadband through BT, after taking a half day off work to wait for the engineer to arrive to connect me, he never turned up.  On calling BT they spoke to Openreach who said the engineer turned up at the cabinet and realised he couldn't connect us as we have FTTP.  Openreach's fibre check shows our address as FTTC which I know is incorrect based on the information provided by our Developer's and the exact same issue our neighbours have had.

The customer services guy advised he would cancel my order and put me through the the FTTP sales team.  The guy from the sales team advised i have FTTC which i advised him was wrong.  He said he'd let Openreach know.

I had a text yesterday advising i could re-order my package, but Openreach is still showing me as FTTC.  Is there any way to know if BT has submitted an ORDI request to correct my details with Openreach and how long this takes?  

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Re: Incorrect details for address

if new build and FTTP do you have the ONT fitted in your home?

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Re: Incorrect details for address

I certainly haven't seen one.
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Re: Incorrect details for address

There is just a standard looking phone line faceplate on the wall
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Re: Incorrect details for address

2018-09-25 17_13_30-Fibre network guide - fibre_developer_handbook.pdf.pngecholife.jpgYour ONT may be in a cupboard along with a patch panel.


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Re: Incorrect details for address

There is coiled up fibre in the utility cupboard which i think is where an ONT should be fitted.

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