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Incorrect engineer charge

I feel the need to vent my anger at BT and though I’d post on here as a first port of call, since the last time I tried to report something through the phone I was on hold for over 2 hours, then was told there was no problem, even though one existed, so phoned back, this time the call was answered quickly and the problem resolved.


But onto the current issue, after reporting a fault with my phone back in march, the problem was that I could hear the other end of the line, but they couldn't hear me, BT ran several checks (while using up my mobile credit), found nothing wrong, but said an engineer would call (this was only after the person rang the phone during a call back, we could hear her, but she couldn't hear us).


The engineer came, opened the socket, did something with the wiring inside, then tried the phone, it worked, when we asked what was wrong with it he said the wires inside had worked loose, apparently a common problem with the type of socket we have, so he’d re-inserted them back into the socket.


He left, we had a phone, end of issue, or so we thought, but then on viewing the latest bill, a £130 engineer change has been added, this I can’t understand, since the problem was only fixed after he’d done something to the wiring, therefore not a problem with my phones, especially since they worked up to and continue to work till now.


Hopefully someone can assist me with this issue!


Thank You

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Re: Incorrect engineer charge

Try the mods by use of


no one else on forum can help

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Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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