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Incorrect fault status - why is it not possible to send updates through the fault tracking system

We have had a fault on our phone line since last week - VOL051-115******, initially it was a very noisy line which was also killing the meagre broadband speed we normally make do with. When the fault was reported a line test was run which was passed - I assume it just checks connectivity rather than line quality, and the fault was blamed on our internal cabling (which we don't have any of, it's all wireless from the master socket) plus the fault is still apparent when connecting directly to the test socket.

The line has now degraded so much that we do not even get a dial tone (none for the last 3 days) but the fault still blames our nonexistent internal wiring.  How can I get this fault status corrected?, if it stays like this nothing is going to be done to fix the real fault. I can’t raise a new fault online because it says there is a fault already on the line which means the line test doesn't even get done so it looks like my only option is to sit in a phone queue for at least ¼ of a hour being charged by the minute because I am forced to use a mobile.

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Re: Incorrect fault status - why is it not possible to send updates through the fault tracking syste


I suggest that you get back to the Faults dept on 0800 800 151 and inform them that you now have no dial tone in the test socket, they should be able to change the fault location on their system which should progress to Openreach to attend.

Can I also suggest you remove the VOL number from your original post.

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