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Incorrect information on website?



I had my services connected on the 27th October. I didn't receive any communication about when my first bill would arrive and be payable (it isn't mentioned at all in any of the emails that I received) so I visited the website and quite quickly found this page:,7418,7436


Which states:



You will normally receive your first bill about two weeks after you get your BT TV service. That's two weeks from when it was installed by an engineer, or from when it was delivered for you to self-install.


You will then receive your bill in the post around the same day every month. Payment will be taken from your bank account by Direct Debit about 14 days from the date of the bill.


All pretty straightforward I thought, but then I actually received my bill two days after installation with payment due in 8 days.


So with the two situations seemingly being at odds, is this a case of incorrect information on the website, or have I been billed too early? If the information is incorrect, who should it be reported to?



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Re: Incorrect information on website?

Hi @philrm77,


Your first bill will arrive soon after your service starts. The payment due date is usually 8 days after the bill is produced. If your bill is dated the 28/10/2016 the payment due date would be for the 05/11/2016.


We have other payment options available such as the Monthly Payment Plan. It lets you pick a certain date for payment.


What is a Monthly Payment Plan?


The link you sent was for separate BT TV accounts and not for line rental, broadband and BT TV on the same bill. As the content may be confusing I'll have it reviewed within the next 7 days.





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