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Incorrect password

Both my android phones have disconnected from my BT home wi-fi - one a couple of months ago now the other has just done the same. I can connect to my parents BT home wi-fi but not my own. My laptop is connected fine (for the moment)!!

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Re: Incorrect password

Im unsure of the question here, if the password is saying its wrong then delete the saved connection in the phones connections menu and repair it with the right password.

Or is the problem somthing else as the latest version of android introduced a new privacy function that is causeing issues for routers that are set to supply a custom (fixed) ip address to a device.



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Re: Incorrect password

Its the latter Andy. Have removed the original connections etc on both my mobiles to reconfigure but when try to reconnect both say incorrect password but its exactly the wireless password on the hub.

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Re: Incorrect password

All i can suggest is that if your using the default password change it in the router to a custom one, that means you will have to reset everything connected wireless.

Im unsure of what else to suggest short of a reset of the hub....

Anyone else got an idea?

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