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Incorrectly Charged

Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone can help me with this.


On the 7th august i phoned BT to cancel my TV Subscription and was told this would cease on the 10th which it did, and I also signed up for SKY broadband and calls the same day. My activation date is the 24th August.


I have now received a bill and have been charged for:


Line rental up until 19th September,

Broadband up until 19th September,

BT TV up until the 7th September (but this has been cancelled?!)

BT Sport from 1st August to 19th August (is this not meant to be free)

BT Sport from 20th August to 19th September, again why?


I am struggling to understand why im being charged for something I wont be using after the 24th? worst comes to the worst I will cancel the direct debit.


Can someone explain? Many Thanks

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Re: Incorrectly Charged

Hi Welcome to the Community Forum

I am sorry to see you are having problems with your BT service

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you
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Re: Incorrectly Charged

Thank you for that,


I have used the online chat and the adviser told me the advanced charges woud be refunded but I also phoned and spoke to someone else who said there is a 30 day notice period charge? but how can BT charge me for services up until the 19th September when I wont be using their services as of the 24/8?

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Re: Incorrectly Charged

Ok I have now been told (after speaking to the 4th person) that my bill will now be changed to only charge me up until the 24/8, but this was only after I mentioned that I had an email from BT confirming that I would only be charged up until the 24/8 and this would be a final bill.

If it isn't changed Before the direct debit is due on the 28th I will be cancelling the DD, just sums up why I'm leaving BT!
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Re: Incorrectly Charged

In theory you have to give 30 days' notice to end services such as BT TV or BT Sport. They would normally be turned off after the 30 days.

If you move phone and broadband provider during those 30 days then BT will obviously stop any services that won't function without them and may well not charge you for the full 30 days. Note that some customers have BT Sport on Sky which will still function. I'm not sure if BT strictly have to do this going by the terms though I can imagine it's a point for debate.

Agreeing to stop BT TV immediately or in a few days is generally not a good idea from what I've read on these forums. They will often still charge for the full 30 days and then the customer has to argue their case to try and get a refund.
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Re: Incorrectly Charged

Well i was told yesterday on the phone that my bill would be changed there and then to only charge me up until the 24/8 (as it should be) but this hasnt been done and the live chat is not working this morning.


Could someone look in to this for me? otherwise I will be cancelling the direct debit next week seeing as BT have already confirmed in writing that I will not be charged beyond the 24/8

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Re: Incorrectly Charged

Hi Everyone,


The saga continues! I have just managed to log on to the online chat again and have now been told that my advanced charges will be refunded on my final bill which is generated 28 days after i requested to change providers (8th august).


I am going to cancel my direct debit before its taken on the 28th and pay the final bill by card when it comes through. I have read a lot of stories on this forum that customers have had a nightmare getting refunds so how do I know BT will actually refund my advanced charges!?

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