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Incredible increase in broadband usage

I am on a 40Gb infinity connection. The usage monitor shows "Your average monthly usage is 13.97 GB." which I agree with. As of tonight my usage is reported as "You have used 79.24 GB this month" I have 2 android phones and a Roku connected via wpa2. I am opted in to BT Wifi. Since leaving home on 23rd and returning 26th the Roku and mobile remaining at home have been used for only email and browsing. I've powered down the Roku tonight to rule that out.
This is a nonsensical increase in the BT recorded usage of my broadband connection. I am already £44.80 down with little doubt it will have clocked up another £5.60 at least when I check tomorrow.

I'm seeking advice to enable me to take this to BT customer support and in as little time as possible get a refund and action to prevent a recurrence of this spurious usage increase.

Unfortunately I am going on holiday Saturday 28 so I'm limited in time to do any analysis but still appreciate as much help as anyone has.
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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

What data usage is shown in your hub. Only any use if not dropped conenction or reset for the same period as monitor

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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

Have you looked at data usage on the Android phones (under settings)?

My wife's phone suddenly upped it's data usage due to a Google "improvement" running continuously i the background>

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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

Should you not have received an email from BT warning you you 'may' go over your limit?

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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

Thanks for the replies so far.
Dode, I did receive the warning emails on consecutive evenings with another 15GB or so every day after.
Ajwh, my partners phone doesn't show wifi and mine showed 9.11GB for 1-26 Mar including use away from home.
Imjolly, great tip, 2.5 days usage showing during the period of increased usage and hub showed 233MB.

I called in fault on Saturday morning and they said they would be in touch today. They haven't been (rolls eyes).

I changed my wpa2 passwords and admin passwords before going on holiday and left router on. I wonder what usage BT will report?

I would still welcome any advice regarding tackling customer services if they attempt to tell me it is my usage. I'm now aware they have had similar problems in the past but have not been 'customer focused' in solving the issue, rather leaving it to us to convince them alongside attempting to sell upgrades. That won't wash with me!
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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

Same here ! I had an e-mail on 28th Feb saying I'd used 36GB of my 40GB limit, & was charged this month because I'd exceeded it. That means I used 4GB+ over the space of a few hours, which I didn't. I have asked BT to provide evidence of the usage that supports why they have charged me, which they apparently can't do. So, by my thinking, if they cannot provide the evidence, how can they charge? Just about to raise an invoice to them for the charge + my time + calls, etc, myself !

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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

We have an allowance of 20 GB per month.  Last month we used the laptop in the same way except for upgrading to windows 10, which shot up our usage to over our allowance and we had to pay an excess.  Our previous average allowance was 8.7 GB per month.  This month, we have been very careful in our usage, but we are using far more than before getting windows 10.  I am checking the usage on a daily basis.  Is it possible that having windows 10 is responsible?

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Re: Incredible increase in broadband usage

Windows 10 uses a Peer To Peer method to distribute updates, and will use your upload and download bandwidth. As BT add the two together, you are going to use a lot more now.


Here is how to disable it.




I would advise that you upgrade to unlimited usage if you are going to use Windows 10 a lot.