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Incredibly Slow ADSL Broadband line speed - ALMOST UNUSABLE

Good Morning,

I am having issues with my broadband speed, its always been slow but its getting to the point its affecting our lives, we are unable to stream movies without buffering, I am having issues accessing my online lectures as they wont stream.

My broadband speed is averaging at 1.6MB although ADSL checker on BT Wholesale states I should have 10.5Mb downstream and 0.5Mb upstream and when searching for new products on the BT website its states I should expect 3.0 - 7.5Mb with a minimum of 2Mb

I am below even the minimum speed which puts me in one of the slowest speeds in the country, which is frustrating considering my neighbours who are 900m away have fibre at 20Mb (copper from the exchange located 1mile from their property) when I check open reach I show up as exchange only and they show up as wired to cabinet 4.

My questions are,

1) could the issue be caused by my modem? although I have hooked up another BT modem and their was not change to my speeds?

2) Because I am exchange only is 1.6Mb the best I should expect?

3) Why will BT not have me connected to the Fibre cabinet? (I was told by BT to contact Open Reach, who when I contacted them told me that the BT operator should not be telling me to contact them)

Any help will be greatly appreciated





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Re: Incredibly Slow ADSL Broadband line speed - ALMOST UNUSABLE

Auchterless Exchange.JPG

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Re: Incredibly Slow ADSL Broadband line speed - ALMOST UNUSABLE

Are you running the speed test on a wired connection?

Is the router connected to the test socket? If not, please post the stats from your router (without being connected to the test socket and vice versa). If HH5, - Troubleshooting - Helpdesk, if SH6 - Advanced settings - Technical log.

Is your line noisy? You can check by dialing 17070, option 2. There should be no noise between the announcements (other than a dull hum if using a cordless (DECT) phone).

Your DSL checker result (I assume from your phone number) states that you can't get FTTC/VDSL at the moment, because your line is EO (Exchange Only). Openreach will not move your line to the cabinet, unless there is the need to move many lines (network rearrangement).

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