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India help vs BT Twitter

Beginning of the month broadband dropped from a stable 5Mb to an unstable 0.5Mb, so reported the fault to BT.


Having dealt (suffered) with India script jockeys before I decided to try BT Twitter instead and was pleasantly surprised.


I still had to jump through the usual hoops to confirm that the fault was outside but I am used to that. I then received a call from a help centre in Ireland and spoke to Adrian who actually knew his job.


He reset the s/n (quickly) and kept the fault open for a week to monitor it. Stable for two weeks then it dropped again.


I emailed him and he called me back straight away to arrange an Openreach visit on the 18th. No jumping through hoops again, just efficient. (Unlike India). The engineer dug up the verge in two places while it was snowing and changed me onto a spare pair, the last on the cable, and service is back to normal.


Problems loom because the cable is at capacity and there are numerous new builds going up along our country road who will want service and some existing properties on the cable are complaining of noise but that is for the future.


Just had a follow up call from Adrian who said I can email him again if/when problems arise.


Full marks to Adrian.

Full marks to the Openreach engineer. Didn't get his name.

Less said about India the better

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Re: India help vs BT Twitter

Thank you very much for your comments 151, I have passed them on to Adrian. He'll be delighted to see this 🙂

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Re: India help vs BT Twitter

Yeah funny. I had the pain of dealing with the Indian call centres. I tried twitter which I had personally never seen a use for before, and I got someone from Ireland as well who saw my point of view, understood the problem, didn't need to go over the script again and could actually think for themselves. So far the most pleasant experience yet. We'll see if my problem gets resolved considering the conversation with the last Indian call centre stooge. He gave me my options going forward for resolving the problem as disconnecting my service and going elsewhere without a charge for disconnection.


Fantastic! So my only option for BT fixing the fault is to disconnect my service and go elsewhere! Brilliant. You seriously couldn't write this. Comedy gold. Let's see what the Irish guy thinks. He sounded like he know what he was doing.



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Re: India help vs BT Twitter



I too have had dealings with the Irish (and I think Adrian once or twice) and they are head and shoulders above the Indians.

Not far short of the experts & Mods on here Smiley Wink

Best regards,
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