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Indian Marketing Calls

Hi I've recently moved to BT.


I'm on the same landline number as my previous provider and now get Indian marketing calls to my landline that I've never had before.


I also took out a BT mobile contract for a family member and ported the old number accross at the same time and am getting sporadic Indian mareketing calls to that too.



My own mobile phone, which is not BT but the number is my account contact for BT has also started getting these calls, although not as frequently. 


The only caller I have spoke to for more than one sentance asked me if I was with BT!


I have NEVER had foreign calls like this before and the started in the week after switching.


I am concerned that my BT data is being accessed, I cannot think of any other possability.


Can anyone shed any light on what this could be?

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Re: Indian Marketing Calls

Unfortunately I have found that these marketing calls systems use robot diallers that call blocks of numbers in sequence & test for a response before switching through to an operator muppet.

The secret to avoiding these calls is to lift the receiver & supress the natural instinct to say 'hello' leaving the line silent & within a few seconds the line will disconnect & hopefully get flagged by the robotic dialler as a 'dead' number.

Your regular callers will have to be  made aware of your policy (& hopefully adopt it) so that they get into the habit of saying 'hi' first.

It is about a year since I adopted this policy & it has served me well, I occasionally get these calls but do not even have to spend any time explaining to a persistent phone line rapist that I am just not interested. 😉

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