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Indy Texas Race

This was shown live at 1am on Sunday morning. Sadly on Sky the recording stopped about three quarters of the way through the race as it was still going when it was scheduled to stop. One might have thought there could have been an active change to the scheduling when it over ran. I had set the next two programmes to record. Sadly the one at 5am failed and I have yet to see the end of the race.


It also started in total silence i.e. No sound, no intro, nothing just a jump into the US broadcast. No extra U.K. Commentary at all during the long silent gaps for the multiple US advert breaks.


I got myself into a year long contract for the sole reason of watching Indy Car and WTA.



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Re: Indy Texas Race

And yet yesterday the post-race MotoGP programme The Chequered Flag was successfully and correctly extended by 15 minutes so no need to watch the start of the recording of the following programme I had made. It does seem so hit and miss as to whether it works or not.


Presumably there was a rerun or highlights programme you could watch later?  Unsatisfactory, I accept, but better than nothing.

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