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Infinity 1 Upstream and Downstream Sync Speed slow (again)

Posted about this issue back in July and thanks to the community the issue was fixed, however we're now experiencing the same problems again. 

Both upstream and downstream connection speeds have slowed significantly since the intial "speed boost", and as before they are now holding around 46.64 Mbps downstream and 434.00 kbps upstream. Have been monitoring the connection speeds and the network uptime over the past few days, as before the issue seemed to fix itself and then it became worse. 

It is impossible to get anywhere with telephone customer service as they don't understand the problem.

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Re: Infinity 1 Upstream and Downstream Sync Speed slow (again)

post the stats from your router and also run btspeedtester and then diagnostic test and post results


try quiet line test dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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