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Infinity 1 down for 8 days

It's now 8 days since our Infonity 1 went down. We are in Broadstone Dorset and have yet to be contacted with an update. Blamed initially on the storms our neighbours are up and running yet on line chat keeps saying its a system failure. Apparently 01202 in Westbourne has a problem. Some 25 min drive away. Is the reason. I feel there is nowhere to go to get a specific answer. Any advice on how I can find out what is happening.
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Re: Infinity 1 down for 8 days

I am in the Westbourne area and I am still without infinity. I posted on here a couple of days ago and a fantastic moderator directed me to Tech Chat.


If you are able to get online somehow I would suggest trying that. You may be able to call and get the same help I did.


There are definitely major problems with BT Customer Service. I would liken it to the feet not knowing what the head is doing...or something like that. It just seems to me that there is very little communication between departments. If you phone Customer Service then they probably will just use the same pages as we use to find out if there are faults.


I did see Broadstone on the faults list the other day. If the fault is listed as fixed and you are having problems still, then I would suspect a fault with your equipment is to blame. I am no expert though.


Hope you get it sorted.

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