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Infinity 1 high usage

After 1 month of 5gb usage by my wife and I,using only mobile phones connected wirelessly, the second month of being connected to infinity saw 25gb used in 6 days,11 gb of that used in 1 day when we only spent 4 hours in the house with the only devices that can log into our hub. Something isn't right,but the call centre's after 5pm are hopeless. Having spent every evening one week either calling and being hung up on by the call centre or getting Fed up with the complete lack of knowledge by the staff manning the phones I've just about given up with by and I'm verging on cancelling my contract. What can I do to find out why the usage is so high?
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Re: Infinity 1 high usage

what other devices have you got connected to the hub
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Re: Infinity 1 high usage

It depends on what apps you are using on your devices. Things like social media apps can use a lot of data without you even realizing.

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Re: Infinity 1 high usage

We only have 1 Samsung j1 phone and 1 windows phone connected. Very few apps, yes facebook is running, but only when the WiFi on our phones is on, it is switched off most of the time. The confusion on my part has come from without any change in usage from month 1 of the contract the usage has risen from 5gb in a month to 25gb in 6 days.
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Re: Infinity 1 high usage

As others have said your smart phone apps will use data in the background. Especially if you have background app refresh and automatic updates of them turned on. This can be disbabled on Apple devices Settings>General>Background app refresh>OFF but im not sure on windows and android if this is an option im afraid.


Another thing to consider is any TV boxes you have connected. Having a sky HD box connected for example will use data and also syncing emails that contain attachments all contain data. But yes I agree 25gb is a considerable amount in 6 days.


 Presuming your network is secured with a passcode, are you certain someone hasnt got hold of your network key and is using your connection? A friend had this happen recently when he had neighbours round socially and shared his key, once their device remembered the key everytime it came within range it connected to his router. A simple way of checking this is to visually check whats connected to the router in the settings page. Theres an old thread i've found below which tells you how to see;



Just some food for thought and hope you get sorted




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