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Infinity 1 or 2 Availability - Is this some sort of joke

To say I have been patient would be an understatement. To say I am now incredibly annoyed would be even more so.


Those connected to Dartford exchange were all sent a letter back in September of 2011 to say that we would be receving Infinity at said date of the letter, and we were all asked to sign up to the various packages available. September came and went and we heard nothing - so I looked at the infinity website, and it said March 2012. I called up customer service, and they assured it would be in place by said date - the only reason we continued another year of contract with BT was because Infinity would be hitting our area. However, March came and went and the date then changed to June 31st. Spitting feathers at this point, I was told that the cables were being installed now, and we would be up and running at said date. 


This appeared to be the case, as all of the boxes on our estate changed and the date held. However, I have now just checked the website and it is saying December 31st. No. This is not acceptable. That means you have misled customers and continued taking my money for over a year for a service you promised we would get. 


First of all - what in God's name is going on? Is this deliberate misleading in order to keep our business. Secondly where do I go from here? I appreciate the majority of you reading this little rant won't be able to do anything about it, but perhaps there are some of you who are in the same situation, or possibly even some sort of mod that can escalate this case. If it is indeed now not due until 2013, then I will certainly be pulling service, and will not be accepting any sort of reprimands for doing so.


Many thanks,


Howard Harper.

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Re: Infinity 1 or 2 Availability - Is this some sort of joke

I must agree with howard here,


I recently moved into the area and the only reason that i signed up with BT was becaseu they had an infinity date in my postcode area of DEC 31st 2012.  5 days before this date is due and suddenly its changed to march 31st 2013!!!! there is no note on the page to say why it is delayed and im now stuck with my BT line for a year when i could have been saving money by continueing my Sky broadband service that i had had in my previous location.


my post code IS DA2 6RE


A response from BT would be appricated as to why this has been delayed for so long with no reason as to the delay.... especially as a friend of mine less than 1/4 of a mile as the crow flys has full BT infiity!

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Re: Infinity 1 or 2 Availability - Is this some sort of joke

Within an exchange area there will be some customers who can't get BT Infinity. There are several reasons why this could be the case:


It is Openreach who are responsible for the fibre rollout for all ISP's not just BT retail 

Your phone line may be connected directly to the telephone exchange and not to a local street cabinet.
Your line may be too far from the local street cabinet to have a stable BT Infinity service.
Your local street cabinet may not be suitable for fibre optic cables. Also lack of suitable mains power collapsed and blocked cable ducts  can cause delays 
We haven't yet got the council's planning permission to do the necessary work at your local street cabinet.
So, even though you may be within an enabled exchange area, it's possible that your particular line may not be able to have BT Infinity yet.

The availability checker at has the latest detail about what speed your line can provide.

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