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Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade no significant imprrovemeent in download speed

Upgraded from Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 a few months ago.

Prior to upgrade speeds were typically

Download 18

Upload 1.7


After upgrade I am now getting

Download 20

Upload 8.5


This has improved from initially after upgrade

Download 18

Upload 5.5


I was quoted download speeds of up to 40 prior to upgrade

Although my primary reason for upgrade was to remove the download cap I would like to improve download speeds.

Any suggestions


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Re: Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade no significant imprrovemeent in download speed

How are you connecting wireless or wired?


Could you also follow these steps please.


We need to see your IP Profile.

1. Go to
2. Click on ADSL & FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) diagnostics)
3. Enter your telephone number, leave service ID blank (not required)
4. Click submit, confirm your telephone number when prompted
5. Let it test your broadband connection
6. Copy the download and upload results including the IP Profiles for both

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Re: Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade no significant imprrovemeent in download speed

If your speeds are below the 40/10 caps on Infinity1, you cannot expect any faster speeds by changing to Infinity2.  I guess you were on the old 40/2 level, which is why the change to Infinity2 did increase upload speed.


Unfortunately, the checker/estimator does not take into account known behaviour of existing FTTC installs.  For speeds that do not reach the ceiling of your old contract, your old speeds are a much better indication than the estimator.



Most people do get more than half the estimate; in fact most get equal to the estimate or above.  There are various reasons why you might fall well below.  (These would have applied on your old contract too).


1 - There are aluminium cables betwen you and the cabinet.  There is not much BT/Openreach are willing to do about this.


2 - There is some fault on the line.  It might be worth checking this.

or ring BT helpline: 0800 111 4567

or Try the mods at:  But be aware they take 3 working days to reply: sometimes more if busy. 


3 - There may be internal telephone wiring problems.  In particular, check that there isn't a telephone extension wired off a junction box before the master socket.


4 - There may be intermittent noise on the line.  Many possible reasons for this, most of them are difficult to track down, and many can't be fixed even when tracked down.


5 - ...???

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Re: Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade no significant improvement in download speed

Thanks for the reply
1. Yes there is aluminium in the road and the cab is a fair distance away. (informed of this last time engineer fixed a noisy line). As you say BT aren't going to replace the wiring in the road.
2. No fault showing and I have approached Bthelp no response yet
3. Had the openreach installer check that last time they were here. All ok apparently.
4. Have had problems with noise. Water in the nearest road box and a worn line to our property both fixed.
5. As you say ????

If they can't improve it I'll try for a tariff reduction.

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