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Infinity 2 5mb/s download / 12mb/s upload speed?

just moved back to BT from Virgin. Tonight my broadband is really slow. Prevoiously test results over the past week via Ookla have been as high as 46 mb/s, for downloads but guess the average is 35mb/s.and upload of speeds if around 20mb/s. I am doing the test via wifi so I do not expect to get the promised 76mb/s. Any advice on how to speed up my connection would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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Re: Infinity 2 5mb/s download / 12mb/s upload speed?

Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.

Can you use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.
if you have a Homehub 5 can you also post the stats from 1-12 by logging onto the homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/
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Re: Infinity 2 5mb/s download / 12mb/s upload speed?

Featured Products

Downstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Downstream Range(Mbps)

Availability Date

High Low High Low
FTTC Range A (Clean) 80 73.1 20 20 -- Available
FTTC Range B (Impacted) 80 50.8 20 17.4 -- Available
WBC ADSL 2+ Up to 12 -- 7 to 17 Available
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex M Up to 12 Up to 1 7 to 17 Available
ADSL Max Up to 7.5 -- 6.5 to 8 Available
WBC Fixed Rate 2 -- -- Available
Fixed Rate 2 -- -- Available
Other Offerings
Fibre Multicast -- -- -- Available
Copper Multicast -- --

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Re: Infinity 2 5mb/s download / 12mb/s upload speed?

have you turned of smart setup  




Turn Off smart setup


 as using wireless


have you split the networks   




Split the networks



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