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Infinity 2 - Lost 20Mbs on Connection Sync

Have had infinity 2 for over 2 years (no real issues). Noticed that speeds were a bit slow so checked my router and found that where it used to Sync at about 56Mbs, yesterday it 42Mbs and this morning its down again to 37Mbs.


Nothing has changed at my end, plugged into master socket, no extensions etc etc and I'm using a wired 1GB connection to the router. Was informed that my minimum service gaurantee when originally I signed up was 49Mbs, so it appears I'm now paying for a service that BT cant deliver. May as well be on Infinity 1


Tried speaking with the call centre. Almost no help, numerous reboots of router, plug into port 1 , running diagnostics to check line stability (its been installed for 2+ years), blah blah. My guess is another dodgy connection at the cabinet (had same issue on ADSL years back). Just wish to hell that there was dedicated number for Swansea.


Help anyone?




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