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Re: Infinity 2 - No improvement over Infinity 1

Just to add to the murmur of discontent, I too have just upgraded to infinity 2 and I'm seeing absolutely no improvement in service.  I'm still in the 10 day stabilizing period, so tech won't look at it, but it's been 4 days now and despite trying all combinations of resets, power downs, disconnect from phone socket for hours etc, and leaving it alone for days, I'm still getting exactly the same performance as previously.  It's definately suspect too, as my previous package was limited to a 40Mb down/2Mb upload (it's a business service) and i was getting about 35Mb down, 1.6Mb up.... and now service should be 80/20 (availability tests predict about 54Mb down and 16Mb up) yet not only is my down speed the same but the upload hasn't improved in the slightest either!  And it's the lack of change in the upload that is most alarming since that was effectively 'capped' previously rather than running at the maximum available.

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