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Infinity 2 - Speed halved in a year

Only as I have time off work been looking into speeds as while quickish the actual speed of downloads have gone from an average last year of 55-58Mbps to 25-29Mbps, the upload is still the same at a constant 6Mbps, cannot see why in 2015 I had this near 60Mbps speed and now this year its 50% less and I'm still paying for Infinity 2 when I'm now getting Infinity 1 speeds?


While I was getting over the Infinity 1 speeds originally I didnt mind paying for that but when I'm less than the max of Infinity 1 thats a bit sneaky.


Only think changed has been I have the new BT Smart Hub, so anyone shed light on this.

Windows 10 Pro OS current version as was Win10 last year too same PC build.

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Re: Infinity 2 - Speed halved in a year

Just as an update info below:


Quite line test was "quite"

Did test with a GB LAN wired cable to desktop

Filter is built into the socket, and only 1 phone in said socket

Checked all the sites listed in another thread for Exchange issues and all OK


BTWholesaleTest 2_9_2016.JPG

BT SpeedTester 2_9_2016.JPG


and this is a set of tests done when I upgraded to Infinity 2

Original new Infinity speed tests.JPG



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Re: Infinity 2 - Speed halved in a year

Still getting half the speed than I was a year ago, anyone have a clue or is the speed drop due to too many subscribers on a cabinate?
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