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Infinity 2 Speed lower than estimate

Hi, I had a quick look through a few pages and whilst there was a lot of people having speed issues nobody seemed to provide an answer as to how bad it needs to be to get help.


I have recently had Infinity 2 installed with an estimated speed of the standard 56-74.  Now I'm only currently getting between 42 to 49 depending on router restarts, but it generally seems to settle at 47/48.  The connection has been up now for about 20 days.


The broadband wholesale checker shows the following:


Featured ProductsDownstream Line Rate(Mbps)Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)Downstream Range(Mbps)Availability Date  High Low High Low    

FTTC Range A (Clean)74.356.12017.3--Available
FTTC Range B (Impacted)65.438.42012--Available


yet the HH5 shows


6. Data rate:13120 / 48806
7. Maximum data rate:12976 / 55668
8. Noise margin:6.0 / 6.2
9. Line attenuation:0.0 / 17.6
10. Signal attenuation:0.0 / 16.8


Is there any point me even calling and trying to get it improved?  Is it even possible to get it running higher?


I know 48 aint that bad, but it might as well be 40 and saving me money whereas I'd consider 56 more like it.

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Re: Infinity 2 Speed lower than estimate

Your estimated speeds are between 38Mbps and 74Mbps depending on which range your line is. BT generally only quote the Range A line when you are signing up.


Going by the stats on your Homehub your max data rate is 55Mbps so that would put you on a Range B line. Your speeds of 48Mbps are about right for that and as the noise margin is near to the optimum of 6 I would not expect much better than what you are already getting.


Because you are within the estimated speeds as per the checker you will have an uphill fight trying to get BT to do anything to improve the speeds you have.


Be aware that if you downgrade to Infinity 1 your max speed will be 38Mbps and not 40Mbps.

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Re: Infinity 2 Speed lower than estimate

Is it worth having Infinity 2 for the extra few Mbps?

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Re: Infinity 2 Speed lower than estimate

Well thats kind of the point.  I feel like its not really worth it unless its over 50...  Not sure why that arbitrary number but thats the case.  So I was hoping the answer would be yeah you can get them to push your line over 50 no problem.

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