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Infinity 2 Wireless Speeds

Hi all,


This is a just a general question regarding expected wireless speeds on the Infinity 2 hh4.


I am currently getting +67mb wired though as most of my devises are connected wirelessly to the hub as well as my PC i was wondering what a respectable wireless speed should be?


I am probably ranging from around 25 - 33 mb download and 17 - 19 mb upload. I mean this may be fine and expected just wanted to see what would be acceptable.


My infinity was installed 25/06/2013 so it's been a couple of weeks.


I downloaded inSSIDer 3 to see what the strongest channel was so just working my way through them currenty.





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Re: Infinity 2 Wireless Speeds



What devices and are you using 2.4 or 5ghz?


I get about 30mbps on 'G' with 2.4. You should be able to hit close to your wired speed with 5ghz using 'n'


Hope that helps

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Re: Infinity 2 Wireless Speeds

I have a nexus 7, galaxy s2, Xbox 360 not all at the same time though. It looks like they're showing up in the hub settings as 2.4  not sure how to bump them to 5hz also I have the hh4 only connecting 'n' at the moment. Read so many things so just trial and error at the moment.

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Re: Infinity 2 Wireless Speeds

All of those devices will connect at the best speeds available to them, which is probably what is happening.

Plus, if they're all connected at the same time then they will all be exchanging data at the same time and hence sharing the bandwidth.

30/18 is pretty good by any standard.

Improving wireless speed depends on clear line of sight and how close you are to the hub. Given the devices in question, increasing from 30/18 is unnecessary.
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Re: Infinity 2 Wireless Speeds

Thanks Ken,


I has basically been playing around with channels since i finished work but havent been able to achieve anything greater than 33mb wirelessly and that includes on my PC and the lay out of the house means that pretty much everyroom could pick up the signal without any walls in the way. I even switch off all devices and still only got 33mb but as you say that is good which i agree though didnt expected such a huge difference between wired and wireless especially on my PC when it literally sits 12 feet away from the hub.


Also not that i can test it but i am also running the xbox 360 off of it so i hope the speeds which i am getting on all the other devices is also matched on the console. TBH i have been used to 9mb for 2 years now and took the leap of faith and yep the speeds are faster so really just finding my feet at the moment.

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