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Infinity 2 and WIFI Dropping out. Standard Broadband was better

For the past few months i had been experiencing problems with my infinity 2 and WIFI dropping out, my contract was up for renewal and remember been offered a very good deal through EE. So i decided to make the jump and change supplier for the first time in over 10 years, after agreeing the deal with EE the ball was rolling. Within hours BT had emailed me !

Usual email telling me thing about what i was going to loose out on, all of which didn't interested me. Then i got to the bottom of the email and the BOMBSHELL if i had BT emails i would have to PAY £5 EACH PER MONTH to keep them ( My family had 5 ) nasty trick BT 


So totally not cost effective to change i had to do a reverse. GUTTED. when i spoke to BT about why i was leaving they said they would look into the broadband issues, i never had any issues with the standard broadband. We had 3 Xboxes online at once and no issues, now the infinity can't cope. Still no change and are now going to look at going back to standard .... poor do.


Why is Infinify worse than standard broadbnd ?

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