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Infinity 2 - changed extension but download stayed slow but upload speed up


About a month ago I had my BT Broadband upgraded to Infinity, out of 77MB the best I saw was 38MB for a little while until it slowed down to around 17MB.


Now before the upgrade I was aware that my existing phone extensions would not be usable anymore so I ran some CAT5 network cable from the master socket to where the old homehub sat and where I wanted the new Hub3 to sit, I also ran another CAT5 cable from the master to where I would like the phone base station to sit.

The engineer came and happily connected both my CAT5 cables to the master for me.


While I was stapling the new CAT5 to the skirting board in the one place it wasnt hidden I caught the insulation which may or may not have caught one of the cables in side, I hoped that my chances of catching and breaking the one pair in use would be slim so thought I would monitor it and see what happens instead of lifting carpets again etc.


After my speed slowed to 17MB (6MB Upload), I ran a new temporary length of CAT5 (I fixed RJ11 connectors to both ends) and plugged that into the master and my Openreach modem instead of my original lengh to eliminate at least one potential cause for my problem. My intention is to make this cable more permanent once I know my cabling is the cause of the issue.


This was Saturday 17th (nearly a week ago), so far my download IP Profile ( has not increased, however my upload speed has gone from 6MB to around 14MB even though the profile has never been less than 20MB.


Assuming my new cable fixes my issue, how long would an IP Profile (Download) take to recover? is it normal to not see any increase after 5 days?


Here is the latest IP Profile info:

Download speed achieved during the test was - 17.11 Mbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 12 Mbps-0 Mbps.
IP Profile for your line is - 17.42 Mbps

Upload speed achieved during the test was - 13.79Mbps
Additional Information:
Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 20 Mbps


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Re: Infinity 2 - changed extension but download stayed slow but upload speed up

could be days
could be weeks
ring bt and ask them to rest your profile

its a pity you cant see your line stats from the modem
you would be able to see the sync speed and snr and tell from that
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Re: Infinity 2 - changed extension but download stayed slow but upload speed up

I waited until Friday night and decided to make the call to ask for a reset, after the chap on the phone ran some tests he decided there was a problem 'with the network equipment' and would get someone to look into it within the next three working days.


Saturday morning I started replacing the cable I suspected to be damaged just for my own piece of mind with the assumption that the network fault would be addressed at somepoint before wednesday, to my surprise not long after I had started an engineer turned up on my door step (Saturday!) to look at the problem.

I explained essentially what I put in my first post (above), to cut a long story short, with my help threading cable through holes in walls etc he was more than happy to move the master socket to what was the end of the extension and hard wire the openreach modem into the new master instead of using RJ11.

In effect 'Infinity' was ripped out and installed again Saturday morning but the net result is I'm now enjoying 77MB downloads.


I'm very impressed that I had an engineer at my door the day after I called, especially since it was a Saturday, the engineers get a bit a stick these days but I'm glad to report in my case I had a very rapid response and resolution.


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Re: Infinity 2 - changed extension but download stayed slow but upload speed up

good to see a successful out come 😉
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