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Infinity 2 - no installation

Hi, I have supposed to switch over to BT today and have a running Infinity 2 service "by midnight".

It didn't happen. I took a day off, arranged for someone to do the school run for me, so I can be ready for the Openreach "engineers" between 8am and 1pm. They turned up few minutes to 1pm without any warning, asked me to move all the furniture from the corridor, moaned a bit about the panels in the communal corridor they'd have to remove and how hard it would be and then left to find the location of a room with the BT equipment within the apartment block I live in.
Few minutes later they knocked my door saying that they don't know where their infrastructure is in the building and can't find anybody to open the cupboards. "If you don't find the comms room in 10 mins we're leaving. We don't have all day, you know". **bleep** hell, do you think I have?!
So I find the janitor who opened the "comms room", but the "engineers" said it doesn't contain what they want, so they left.
They just left! The only reason I chose BT is because they promise only few hours without internet. What now?
I got in touch with the customer support via chat (as my Talk Talk phone line was dead by the afternoon) and they said that there's a problem and I will be contacted via my mobile about another appointment. No call. I've just tracked my order again to find out that my appointment was rescheduled for the 15th of May.
Well, it's not good enough. My work and study depend on the internet connection. What will guarantee that the next technician finds the said "comms room" in my block and that someone will be there to let them in etc. Frankly it's not my business, as it's not a house. I presume that BT and Openreach actually know where they fitted all the equipment needed as it was only a couple of months ago.
I'm very disappointed and angry. Should've gone with Sky...
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Re: Infinity 2 - no installation

Sounds like it was contractors who turned up to dfo the instal.


You'd have the same problem with Sky as they use the Openreach infrastructure as well.


Let's hope all goes well on the 15th.

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Re: Infinity 2 - no installation

I know. Had a similar problem with Talk Talk when the Openreach guy arrived after 3pm and then left a loose socket on a length of cable for me to fasten to the skirtings, because he ran out of time. At least I was online by the evening.

I'm just surprised that the engineers sent by Openreach had no idea where the cables/equipment are in the building because it was the same company who laid them not long ago and make it my problem, like it's mine property. I have no idea - it's a block of flats. Very depressed today.
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Re: Infinity 2 - no installation

when the next engineer turns up he should just be able to use the existing talk talk point to get back to the connection box in the street as talk talk use openreach network so hopefully wont be such a drama next time round
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