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Infinity 2 speed drop/lag/packet loss between ~6-12pm

Having moved to BT around 9 months ago, I have had no problems what so ever with the broadband. Speed tests giving around 75 down and 17 up as expected all times of the day. However the past 5-6 days between the hours of around 6-12pm I have been getting download speed drops of as much as 4mbps-17mbps down, however the upload speeds remain normal. Outside of this 6-12pm time frame, the broadband is working as expected. (I understand I should expect a bit of drop in speeds during peak times, but not to the extent where I am unable to play online games ect.) Excuse the wall of text, or if any information is unclear.


My pc is connected via ethernet cable and not wirelessly.


I am a gamer, and through out the day I am able to play games, as well as talk on Teamspeak to my mates with no issues at all. Along with the speed drop also brings an increase in pings from 25 to around 120ms, and on teamspeak I notice high packet loss, along with using windows command propt to ping websites such as, also showing packet loss while within the 6pm - 12pm time frame.


I have already been in contact with BT on twitter over this, doing various testing and sending of screenshots from which lead to me sending an email and getting called back. This also lead to running more tests and waiting to be called back with the results. 


Screenshot - - Above red line, 6-12pm one day, below is what I get any other time.


Today the call was left being told there was no fault from the checks that were done so far, and an engineer would need to be sent out, however I believe I heard correct, if any fault was found within the boundaries of our property/equipment a charge of around £120+ would follow.


Before we went on to sorting out an engineer I was told to go back to basics and follow the 'Improve BT broadband speeds' guide on the website for a second time to double check and get back in touch. Personally I think I am wasting my time doing this.


I believe there is no fault within the property otherwise I would be getting really bad speeds all the time, and not just between 6-12pm. I have also ruled out it being a problem with my main PC as I have a spare desktop pc, freshly reformatted which also picks up fantastic speeds during the day, up until the dreaded 6-12pm times.



What to do next, I am not the bill payer directly but I am trying to deal with the problem to save getting parents involved with the headache of dealing with BB issues like this. Do we have anything to worry about with engineer charges, considering everything works perfectly during the day.

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Re: Infinity 2 speed drop/lag/packet loss between ~6-12pm

It looks like it could be a congestion problem.


However if you know there's nothing wrong with your equipment then you won't be charged for an engineer.

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Re: Infinity 2 speed drop/lag/packet loss between ~6-12pm

Thanks for the reply.


As far as I know an engineer has already been out to check the area outside the property, but the thing is, it most likely wasnt between the hours of 6-12pm so no signs of reduced speeds were found. 


Is it something that could solve itself over time if it is congestion, should I just try sit it out and see what happens in a week or two?

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Re: Infinity 2 speed drop/lag/packet loss between ~6-12pm

your not the only 1 ...i drop from 76mb to a lightning fast 1.2mb which isnt even enough bandwidth to stream analogue tv, you get told its not BT's fault and yes the engineer if he gets called out of hrs is £120 , then to be told engineers dont work at 9pm (in my case this is the time the THROTTLING starts). this is what hapens when u have a fragmented company the customer gets the raw deal.... 1 thing i can say without a shadow of doubt is that when my contract is up im going to tell BT where they can stick their Super Slow Fibre Dialup line !


why sell me a product that cant even be streamed ? (btsports 1-2), i cant even stream analogue let alone HD !


also i would like to add that if it was the customer using up all their downstream, why isnt the upstream effected ? there should be a trade off to compensate for using so much downstream but do u notice your upstream is never touched.

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Re: Infinity 2 speed drop/lag/packet loss between ~6-12pm

Oddly enough after having to contact support, and being told their is no fault. Last night (about 10pm 6th May) just before turning my PC off I check the BT Status website to see their is a fault with the brandband in our area and will be fixed by 7am (7th May).


This evening I have had 0 issues with speed, 75 down and about 16 up good ping in games and on teamspeak, no lag what so ever. I will give it a good week before I can be sure the issue has gone away.


Maybe there was actually a fault but they didnt want to admit it, or someone in the area was also getting problems and got further than I did with support.

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