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Infinity 2 speed issue


My connection used to be around 49 / 6. But all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago it dropped (not slowly but overnight) 

to around 49 / 2 .   Well, I have had 2 visits from engineers, the first didn't do much but check my line and no improvement to the upload/ download happened. The second visit which was last Friday 14th Sep, He came and switched my line to another but found a join around 150 feet from my pole ( a manhole next to the pole)  he confirmed that there was a fault in the line from my pole to the said pole approx 150 feet from my pole. 

Anyway after switching me to another line speed has gone up slightly approx 59 / 3.6 . 

Now im a Twitch streamer who needs a good upload speed, I know that the previous speed of 6 isn't amazing but its better than 3.6 I am getting currently.  BT has said before the last engineer visit that no more can be sent, But im stuck back in contract with the rubbish upload.  I know that BT can't guarantee upload but all I want is my original back (and maybe more) . see my line test to see  what I should be getting and what I get now is appalling 

I don't know how to approach this as when I renewed my contract everything was running ok, but now I'm stuck with this lousy connection. 

Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance 



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Re: Infinity 2 speed issue

So can no one please look into my options ? . Is there anything i can have done. this is so frustrating to say the least 

Thanks in advance 

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Re: Infinity 2 speed issue

I would try and get a broadband engineer to see if he can improve your up speed as below estimated and if he finds anything ask engineer for DLM reset

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