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Infinity 2

Is anyone else having these problems?

1) Inifinity2 / Homehub2 is dropping out for fun.

2) Trying to make yourself understood first time round with the techies.

3) Follow BT's National Advice that when this happens Reboot the modem.

4) Having done that till you're blue in the face and just want to throw the whole setup out the window.

5) Been told to plug in with an ethernet cable, all the ads extoll the virtue of the wireless conection being the most reliable.

BT answer your critics, if it's the modem, then replace it, 4 different laptops all with "n" connectivity, 2 Blackberrys, 1HTC Desire HD and one Samsung Galaxy Note all lose connection until rebooted, when you're doing it every few hours its tiring to say the least, and makes me wonder why I signed on for an extra period to be even further ripped off.

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Re: Infinity 2

my speed used to fall to 1 meg or less every 12 hours after a reboot and a reboot would fix it for 12 hours

is this what you are experiencing?
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Re: Infinity 2

Nothing like that no, when it drops out it stops all connectivity until it is rebooted, at it's worse I was doing this 4 / 5 times a day. I have never been happy with the upgrade to Infinity let alone Infinity 2 speeds against ADSL over copper, and the accompanying of the extra contract extension. BT over a **bleep** high cost unreliable service, do not or will not provide the latest equipment to existing users with out extra cost, yet offer the world to new users.

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