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Infinity Availability

I understand all the posts re where Infinity is available and how to check and know that my local exchange (Quorn) is connected. However no one seems to be able to tell me when/if my cabinet will be connected (Saxon Way, Barrow Upon Soar). I spoke to an Openreach engineer who was working and he said he suspected that as I live on a new estate the cabinet may have been overlooked. How can I find out what is happening. I have emailed Openreach and not had a single answer and neither BT or Openreach seem to be able to answer. My question is very simple ... will i get it or not. If not then all I ask is someone tells me. All help appreciated 

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Re: Infinity Availability

If you have a green cabinet locally (one of the new ones) Chances are you will get it although no one can offer you a definate answer of when you will get it, but if your exchange has been enabled thats a bonus !

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Re: Infinity Availability

Just because it's overlooked doesn't mean your cabinet won't be upgraded, it could just mean that you cabinet doesn't go live with the exchange rollout, the same has happened to me. It may just be that your cabinet is due for upgrade at a later date.


You can also use this(postcode check), it's a helpful tool for looking at fibre optics being upgraded to your postcode. 



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