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Infinity Broadband

We are having real issue trying to become a BT customer.


Our village recently had Fibre to Cabinet Broadband installed, our Parish council received a letter from Super Fast North Yorkshire saying we had it avaiable from 14/09. This was confirmed by an Open Reach engineer who I saw in the village recently, and  he even which speed we should go for.


So I went on BT web site to purchase a package, the web site intially confirmed upto 62 mb speed. I went through to order, and then was told it was not avaiable!


So I rung, and was told that was correct, and it was not available. So I waited a few days and had the same result.


I then tried the 'chat' and was told that by ' Siddhartha' that there had been a technical problem, if I waited and hour and try again I should be able to purchase an Infinitey package. So I asked her for a reference number for the conversation and she refused to give me one, saying there would not be any further issues but if there was to ring 0800 800150, and then promptly needed the conversation!


I waited until the following morning and tried again - same result, not available to me.


So my wife rang the number given (0800 800150) and was told that they would look into the problem and get back within an hour - that was Thursday afternoon, we still have not heard anything.


Why does the web site say I can get 62Mb but then I cant order it ?Do other people have similar issues with BT, are they the same as this with existing cutomers, or is it only potentail new customers they dont seem to want to help?


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Re: Infinity Broadband

If you use this checker it will tell what cabinet you are on and what services it can receive. If you post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.

Use your phone number. If you don't have a BT number use the address checker. It is more accurate than the post code checker which can cover more than one cabinet.


In any event, do not use call BT to place an order. If you do you will not be eligible for any of the online deals that may be running.

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Re: Infinity Broadband

Out of interest where in North Yorkshire are you?

We are there too and having issues too. Not the same issues but issues none the less.
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Re: Infinity Broadband

Ryedale area, edge of North York Moors

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