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Infinity Business Broadband Fluctuating Wildly

My BT Business has been fluctuating massively since last Friday afternoon 6th July. My speeds have always been a constant 30mb download and 7.5mb upload before this. Since last Friday afternoon they vary massively between 30mb and less than 2mb download.  Three engineers have been here this week, the last one today who could find no fault in the premises and the same issues occured for him when he plugged my ethernet cable into his laptop.


The same thing happens each day I boot up at say 7am and the speed is fine, then its starts to yo-yo all day until around 4pm everyday when speeds drop dramatically to say 5or 6 the graduly tails off untill by 11 pm I am on less than 2mb dowload 😞


I am my wits end with this having lost three days hanging around for engineers to turn up and getting no better connection. They at first thought it was my old hub 5, so they changed that to business hub 6 but nothing changed. BT themselves seem at a total loss as to whats going on and my patience has worn thin. I pay through the nose for a business service that is not being provided and unless its fixed asap I consider them in breach of contract and will change my provider.  


As anyone else expirenced this issue ?

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Re: Infinity Business Broadband Fluctuating Wildly

Hi @Llyn

The is the community for residential customers. You may want to try looking and posting on the business forums found here...

Bt Business Forums

Hope this helps!

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Re: Infinity Business Broadband Fluctuating Wildly

Thank you just logged into the help page for the first time ever, will try the other site.
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Re: Infinity Business Broadband Fluctuating Wildly

Hi, @Llyn I'm having the same problem. I saw your name was Llyn and was wondering if you are on the Llyn peninsual like me. I'm conected to the LLANBEDROG exchange.

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