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Infinity Connection Problems and Busy Smarthub Event Log

We have been having serious problems with our BT Infinity connection. Our Smarthub thinks it is properly connected to the BT network, and our devices can connect to the Smarthub via WiFi, but we frequently get no Internet connection. This can (usually) be fixed by resetting the hub, or switching to another hub, but the problems come back.


We have tried a variety of solutions, including a BT engineer visit who found no problem, and a replacement Smarthub.


I have discovered that the Smarthub event log is very busy, with many requests, failed DNS connections, and other events that I do not understand (see attached snapshot -- this type of activity is constant, with an event every few seconds). It looks to me like there could be some kind of malware at work here.


At the time of this snapshot below, there were two devices on the network:

  • Mac computer with up to date OS X, Intego AV software (with scan showing a clean result) and Intego firewall (showing no unusual activity);
  • iPhone 6 with up to date iOS (and of course no AV/firewall software because you can't get that on a phone, to my knowledge).

There are two kinds of event in the log that appear most often (both in snapshot below):

  • "BR_LAN:LAN Neighbor Discovery" events -- These occur when my Mac is connected and iPhone is not connected.
  • "ppp1:DNS name resolution failure" events -- These occur only when both the Mac and iPhone are connected (i.e. they seem to be coming from the iPhone.

My current theory is that hub is timing out device connections after the numerous DNS name resolution failures. Is this possible? Can anyone comment on that theory, and whether the activity shown in the attached log is normal?


Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 18.16.56.png



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Re: Infinity Connection Problems and Busy Smarthub Event Log

the log as you are seeing it is perfectly normal
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Re: Infinity Connection Problems and Busy Smarthub Event Log

There is no malware involved please try and avoid restarting the hub as the DLM will see every restart as a line fault and will eventually cause the DLM to start reducing your speed
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Re: Infinity Connection Problems and Busy Smarthub Event Log

The neighbour discovery is normal, albeit the Hub 6 is a little over zealous at IPv6 logging.

The DNS failures look odd in that they're "reverse" lookup failures. Many devices will do this as a security check when something connects to them.

This is possibly related to the port scans seen recently against many ISP routers.
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Re: Infinity Connection Problems and Busy Smarthub Event Log

Thank you for the replies. I will try to avoid restarting the hub, but what should I do for the hours on end when the hub says it has a good connection, and our devices will connnect to it, but we get no Internet connection? The BT engineer who came out seemed mystified by this. He ended up fixing it by making about 4 calls to various people at BT, and then doing a hard reboot of the hub. But this only fixed the problem for a few days.


Just to confirm, a few more things from the event log, after I just arrived home.

  • Before my arrival home, there were many failed TR69 connections (first screenshot below). I suppose no harm if the connections failed, but does this suggest unusual port scanning?
  • Immediately after I reconnected with my Mac, there were many more failed reverse DNS lookups -- so not just an issue with the iPhone (second screenshot below).

If all this is normal, what should I do next to try to get a reliably working Internet connection -- besides not restarting the hub, since the problem arises without me restarting the hub?


First screenshot

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 00.11.01.png

Second screenshot

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 00.11.27.png


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Re: Infinity Connection Problems and Busy Smarthub Event Log

Maybe try entering static wifi settings on your iPhone to see if it stays connected. I have done this with my iPad.


Re: Hub 6 wireless now unuseable [ Edited ]
‎21-09-2016 20h37 - edited ‎21-09-2016 20h38
for those on iOS10 having issues follow these steps.

1. Goto wifi settings
2. Tap the (i) Icon next to your wifi name
3. Click static
4. enter these settings

IP address: check the hub to make sure its not going to conflict other devices you can use an address in DHCP range if you are careful
Subnet Mask:
Search Domains: home

5. Hit the back button at the top and this should save the details.

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