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Re: Infinity Data Extension installation

@plainview wrote:

'Down out way we have been told we can can drill through internal walls if needed. Its door frames that we have been told to avoid, but like you say we have a wood drill bit that does the job.

End of the day it all depends on the engineer you get and how willing they are to go about doing you what you want.'


One rule for one patch and one rule for another, sounds about right!


This is what makes me really reluctant to sign up for Infinity - the uncertainty about getting the equipment installed where you want it, depending on the mood of the engineer. My nightmare is signing up, sending the engineer away having not done the installation because he won't drill through a door post (for example) and then trying to explain to a call centre in India that I don't want Infinity after all and can I please carry on with my old broadband plan.



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