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Infinity Homehub 6 connection issues but LAN repeater works

Hi all,


I have had a Homehub 6 for the past 2 months and form yesterday, my wireless keep dropping on all devices (2 Macs, 3 Iphones, 2 work Lenovo Thinkpads) and on my PS4 connected via LAN, I get a DNS assignment error. I got this problem when I first setup my BT Infinity but it mysteriously went away when I was battling with BT technical support for over a week.


Get this though, since then, I have added a wireless repeater also connected via LAN to the Homehub6 (TP-Link), and when my devices are connected to that repeater, they connect to the internet fine.


Homehub 6 problem? I don't know what the heck is going on. This is my second one and I've factory reset it multiple times to no avail.


Anyone got any thoughts? I've love to be able to use my Homehub 6 again properly, because my repeater gives my abysmal speeds despite being able to connect well.


Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Infinity Homehub 6 connection issues but LAN repeater works

I am having a similar problem, discussed on a separate thread. My Homehub 6 says it is properly connected (blue light on), and my devices can connect to it, but Internet connection keeps dropping (and is sometimes out for hours / most of day). It is unpredictable which devices have the problem, sometimes one device gets Internet connectivity and others do not.

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