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Infinity Hub 5 needs restarting daily, are homeplugs the issue?



I have the BT infinity hub 5. Unfortunately due to the location of the phone line the router is in a small space surrounded by three brick walls with a computer in front, so the wifi signal is poor throughout the house. So we started using Solwise home plugs, which have been working okay for over a year now, but every now and then we have a spell of having to restart the hub and home plugs every day, sometimes two or three times. It’ll be working fine, I’ll be getting around 30 mbps, and then it’ll drop to 0.2 mbps and I have to restart. It never lasts longer than 2 weeks without needing a restart.


At any given moment there is the Sky box, smart TV, iPads and smartphone connected to the home plug in the lounge, and a laptop, playstation and smartphone connected to the bedroom plug, also another plug in the spare room. All these home plugs are then connected to one sender which is wired to a single ethernet port on the Hub 5. My wonder is is that too much data being drawn out of one ethernet port? I don’t know if that’s possible and if that would be a cause, but I can’t find any other reason for the drops.


The home plugs have a data transfer rate of 500 mbps for the wired connections and 300 mbps for the wireless, and I can’t find any mention of a limit to devices. We have the unlimited up to 52mbps BT infinity.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Infinity Hub 5 needs restarting daily, are homeplugs the issue?

From the devices mentioned you don't appear to be using the LAN to stream content from a NAS or similar so any bottleneck will be your broadband connection of 52Mbps not the homeplugs or Ethernet port. The Ethernet port on the the hub will be 1Gbps

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