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Infinity - New install no 80meg option?

Hi all, i recently moved into a new home, and as its a brand new building when moving was told BT infinity wasn't available, the property was connected but it wasn't on their systems yet so obviously to the sales people they could do nothing (fair enough!) so i had to part with my beloved BT infinity for about a month, however now the house is on their system so i rang up to get bt infinity installed however the sales person said the only package they do is the 40/10 option 2, and seemed oblivious to the 80/20 package.

Is this new speed only available to existing customers? So basically once its installed do i then have to ring up and change my contract again? Or has the 80/20 now replaced the 40/10 since it seems to be the same price (£26~) Its all baffled me a bit and ive tried asking on the phone but obviously as theyre sales they domt really know whats going on, but the people on this forum see, to be intelligent and helpful! 🙂

So has anybody had anything like this? Anybody gone straight to 80/20 imstead of upgrading (e.g from diff isp) or was i just lumbered with an unfortunately less knowledgeable sales rep (who maybe possibly just got back from holiday and was a tad behind the times :D)
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Re: Infinity - New install no 80meg option?

You can go straight onto 80/20, if your predicted speeds are >40meg.

I'd call up and speak to someone else. They must just not be aware of the new service, which is odd!
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