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Infinity Order Problems

Hi. I have placed an order to change my phone line back to BT from Unicom with a new number and also ordered Infinity at the same time (currently have broadband with Eclipse).  Order was placed and seemed to be going through sweetly.  I was told that a MAC code may be required nearer to the changeover date.


A few days before engineer was due, after the Hub had arrived, I received notification that my current phone provider, Unicom, had cancelled transferral of my line without authorisation.  After a long and heated conversation with Unicom and another long telecon with BT, I was advised that, because I was getting a new number, the setup would go through anyway. 


The night before the engineer was due, I received a call from BT that, contrary to what I was previously told, they would not be able to proceed with the order after all.  **bleep**.  I was resigned to the fact that there would be a delay so tried to place a new order as previously.  This time I was told that they would need a MAC code so couldn't proceed with the order until I had one (which I couldn't obtain until the following day).


Much to my surprise, the  BT Engineer called first thing the following morning to say he was on his way.  I explained there were problem so he called his gaffer.  He called back to say as far as they knew everything was ok and he'd attend.  I requested that, as long as I had either Infinity or my original broadband when he left, I was happy for him to attend.


He attended and I had Infinity up and running.  Wahey!  


I emailed my MAC code through as requested that day only to receive a call to say actually, because the phone line is currently not BT managed, they could not order the Infinity and I'd have to transfer the line first.  This was arranged for 13th September to tie in with my existing contract (I had originally intended to pay a £50 termination fine).


All was well until, 3 days later, my internet connection failed.


I now have no internet connection at all.  Changes have been made in my street 'green' junction box so I cannot receive standard broadband.


After many long conversations I am no further forward.


I try ringing but waste ages trying to get throught to the correct department.


Eventually I get through and despite assurances that a manager will call me back no-one does.


I have ongoing an ongoing contract with Eclipse that I cannot make use of.  Eclipse cannot help because it is a BT issue.


Someone please HELP!


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Re: Infinity Order Problems

Try the mods at:  Trouble is, they may take three (working) days to get round to your item on the queue, but then there is a good chance of them chasing it through.

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Re: Infinity Order Problems

Thankyou,  I've done as you suggested.  Fingers crossed.

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