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Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

I am wondering if anyone can shed some light for me.

I recently moved into a new house which originally suggested that the line could get up to 66mb download through the BT checker.  I changed my package to BT Infinity 2 to get maximum speed as I'm used to countryside 3mb download.

A month after moving in, after the cool down, my speed barely makes 40mb download and my upload is near 20mb(which im happy with upload).

According to my router, my Max Data Rates are 20 up and 60 down, but my actual rates at 19.998 up and 39.998 down.

I get the feeling my line has been capped at 40mb download alongside my Gauranteed Minimum Speed.

I also recently found out that I live 0.2 miles away from my exchange.

Can someone help?

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.

and use this speed tester then scroll down the page and carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

If you have a Homehub 5 can you post the stats from 1-12 by logging onto the Homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/


If you have the Smart Hub, (Homehub 6) can you go to hub manager then advanced then technical log and post the stats. http://bthomehub.home/

Is there any noise on your phone line? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

Try connecting to the master socket/ test socket and if your problem is still there it could indicate that there is a line fault before the test socket on BT's side.

When you use the test socket make sure that any telephone extensions you have are "dead". There should be no dial tone at any of your phone extensions. If they have a dial tone it means you have star wiring and that is not good for Infinity and will need to be fixed.

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

Im probably being stupid here. But how do I post pictures on this? haha Ive screenshotted and saved files. But cant seem to figure out how to add it to here.

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

Here's a clue.

2018-03-23 18_52_20-Reply to Message - BT Community.png

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

I seen that but its looking for a source and dimensions and stuff haha
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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

ADSL Checker.pngBT Wholesale.pngHomehub Check 1.png

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

Your connection time is short have you been having connection problems with router dropping connection and/or manual resets to try and improve speed?  You are In a banded profile and you need to maintain a stable connection and the DLM will reduce noise margin down to normal 6db with corresponding speed increase

have you check for line noise?

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

BT told me to do a hard reset on my router yesterday as that should fix the problem but all the figures are identical to before.


I completed a noise test and it was perfect.  No noise at all.

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

Well your noise margin shows a peoblem somewhere if your connection hasn't been suffering multiple disconnects previous to being asked to reboot.

As your connection speed is less than guaranteed there's one last thing you need to do before demanding an engineer.

Connect to the test socket with a filter and make sure no extentions work to make sure the problem is not in your home.

Post the connections stats here again when you've done it.

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Re: Infinity Speeds Sitting at Bare Minium

By test socket, do u mean the main telephone line socket into the house? or another one?


An IT engineer suggested puting a BT I-plate on main socket. So I done this and it has made no difference.

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