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Infinity Wireless Dropping out?

Hey guys, just wondering if you could help me out?


I've had infinity for 2 months, no problems at all, until last week, when my xbox started losing its wireless connectivity and dc'ing fomr xbox live (Router is about 1 foot away from the xbox) and now occasioanlly my iphone, ipad and gf's laptop all fall off the wireless and need a DC/RC to get back to working, which usually seems to do the trick.


I did a wireless scan of the local area and found my router and 2 others on channel 8, so chose to move mine to channel 6, which had nothing on, restarted the router, all seemed fine, but then the xbox and laptop have both been getting connection drops again the last 24 hours.  Do I need to disable BTfon and anything else that may be causing issues?


The only other issue I have had with infinity is that my desktop (wired) constantly loses connection to MSN, roughly 2-3 times an hour.


Thanks for any advice.



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Re: Infinity Wireless Dropping out?

disabling BTFON won't make any difference to your wireless connection.  Have you tried changing the channel again to something else bearing in mind some networks may be hiding the broadcast ssid.


There are other posts on the forum regarding problems with MSN and infinity but I don't remember a fix. I may have missed it so you could try the search facility and see if I did miss it

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