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Infinity & Hub 5 connection issue

Had infinity installed just before xmas and all was well speeds ~50-60mb, however today started to have issues with uploading to my cloud and also had irratic speedtest results 3-7mb so decided to phone india. Well after 50minutes of the usual talk through I was asked to restart the router (had a red flashing b during startup) and then suffered a total loss of connection to the web, so an engineer was booked (will take a week though!). On the off chance I looked at available wireless networks to find only 2 1) my main hub WPA2 and 2) another FON network. So I connected to the FON and entered my details. To my surprise I now have internet connection back (only at 1-3mb though). Does anyone know why I can access the internet through the FON network but not the main WPA2? I am assuming they are both from my hub as i can only see two networks..  

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Re: Infinity & Hub 5 connection issue

What speed do you get if you connect directly to the home hub using an Ethernet cable? Remember to turn off any wireless adapter first.



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