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Infinity and HomeNetwork

Had the BT homehub Broadband which worked well,

Upgraded to BT Infinity and among the MANY problems we had and where MISS-SOLD on it appears that the system now will not allow HomeNetworking.


We us WiFi Printer and two Wifi PC, previously was able to print to the printers and transfer files between the network using the HUB.

NOW we can't and have to use a cable to print and flashdirve/sdcards to transfer files.

Tried to talk to bt emails get no replies, phone calls are either scripted or try fob us of by SELLING tehnical support that will charge us to sort out a problem that was never there originally and may not get fix at all

Any thoughts



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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork

can your devices 'see' each other when you go to network just can't transfer files?  sorry but as new router did you conenct the wifi devices to the new hub ssid and used new hub password?

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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork

When you upgraded to Infinity did you get a new homehub or are you using the one you already had. If you are using the same one try a factory reset of the homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This will reset the configuration of all the settings.


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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork

I've had no problem with networking on the HH3 is there any chance of providing a little bit more info (e.g. make & model of printer)


I'm going to take a punt that the IP address on the printer's wifi has changed & needs to be updated on the laptops


A change in the router can mean that window's (unhelpfully) has changed the firewall settings on the laptop (again a little more info can help diagnose the problem)

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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork

engineer came in and "pluged" the new router and modem in

whole new passwords

printer will see and register on the network from the printer set up

Printer "do not communicate" with pc

laptop and desktop do not appears in homenetwork anymore and shared files can not be accessed

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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork

What operating system are you using on the PC and laptop?


Have you checked that Network Sharing is turned on on the devices?


Have you checked that on each of your devices what type of network they are connecting to. ie Home, Work or Public.


Have you checked the Network Advance settings to ensure that the boxes to allow network discovery is ticked along with the other relevant boxes.


You may need to set up a new homegroup or home network because you are using a different router which will have a different name from your previous one.


See this link for Microsoft Networking in Windows 7





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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork

Using windows 7

Network sharing on on ALL devices

All devices are "attempting" to connect via home network

Have checked settings


Still no dice


each device has connected with key to hub.

Printer connected to network (BTHub3-XXXX) and is on an descoverable
 (same as desktop)


Laptop (or Desktop) can not see each other or Printer.

Deleted homegroup and recreated. deleted printer reinstalled.


Checked my BT Home Hub Manager Home Network - Devices web page and all are listed as connected


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Re: Infinity and HomeNetwork



For the printer, have you assigned it a static IP Address? For example assign the Printer a static IP address outside the HH DHCP scope. (eg


As to the home network (folder sharing) have you "Trusted" or set the network type to "Private" in the Windows Network centre and any firewalls you have.


Can you ping the devices?


How to ping

1)Open CMD (command Prompt)

2) Type ping deviceIP/Name


Where deviceIP/Name is the name of the device or it's allocated IP address.



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