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Infinity availability - Village location connected to Tewkesbury exchange



am enquiiring on behalf of an elderly  neighbour who is thinking of signing up to Broadband and wondered if / when BT Infinity is available .   The village Deerhurst is connected via the Tewkesbury exchange which is Infinity enabled but the village is very poorly served right now in terms of speed <1Mb.   


Tried to find out if the village connectivty will be FTTC/P enabled and as the exchange is upgraded but not the village there appears confusion if this is to be enabled under the BDUK initiative or its a commercial decision by BT. Not sure how to find out what the truth of the matter maybe


Can anyone help point me in the right direction who and how to ask what is likely to be thr route to FTTC/P and when as thus far I've fallen between the cracks.


TIA for any suggestions

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Re: Infinity availability - Village location connected to Tewkesbury exchange

Hi simon5705,


The properties in Deerhurst are served by the TEWKESBURY exchange. The majority of the properties in Deerhurst are connected to PCP(Cabinet) 17.


I belive the TEWKESBURY exchange was firstly upgraded to fibre (FTTC) under the Openreach Commecial rollout. 


However at this stage in time, the "infill" to cover areas that have had their exchange upgraded by the Commercial Openreach fibre rollout project though their PCP hasn't been upgraded with a FTTC Dslam cabinet will probably now be done by the local  BDUK scheme (if in scipe of this scheme).


The Fastershire BDUK scheme has been set-up by Herefordshire Council and Gloucestershire County Council in partnership with BTplc (Openreach) and in association of BDUK and the EU to extend the rollout on-top of the "Superfast-Openreach" Commercial fibre broadband rollout.



You can try emailing Fastershire via with your landline number, address and exchange to see if they have any more information regarding whether you are/will be in a NGA area or to see if your property will be in scope of the  Fastershire BDUK scheme. It may take a week or so to get a reply.



The Commercial Fibre-Optic Broadband Rollout is being managed and done by Openreach for all communication providers/ISPs. The BDUK fibre broadband schemes are managed by Openreach along with your local authority.BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP) has nothing to do with the rollout of fibre broadband.**


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