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Infinity dropping out every 4 to 5 mins

Been having a problem for the past few weeks, internet connection drops out every 4 to 5 minutes. Looking at the event log and the router status, I can see that the DSL connection is staying up, but the internet login is being disconnected following a PPoE error e.g.


12:52:00, 30 Oct.

(19905.140000) PPP LCP Send Termination Request [PPPoE PADT received]


This happends a few times a day normally but sometimes becomes very frequent. I've tried all the ususal stuff of resetting the router, connecting by the test socket but to no avail. I've run the 'fault finder' but that says all is fine.


Its a Home Hub 5 Version A


Any one have any odeas of other tests or investigations I can do to pin down why this is happening - have googled the message of course, lots of other people seem to get it - but no-one seems to know what it means or why it occurs.


Thanks in advance


Ian B.

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Re: Infinity dropping out every 4 to 5 mins

Have you tried the quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 you should hear no noise if you can hear noise then it needs reporting to BT faults on 151 with no mention of broadband in the call
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Re: Infinity dropping out every 4 to 5 mins

Have just tried that, currently quiet, though, ironically - line hasnt dropped for a few hours now (problem seems to come and go)

I will check that one again when it (inevitabley) starts dropping again, ta.

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Re: Infinity dropping out every 4 to 5 mins

OK - back to dropping out every few minutes agai. Tried the quiet line test but ould hear no crackles or interference. 


Each drop out seems to be the same issue PPPoE drops out due 'PPPoE PADT received' - any one know what hat actually means?

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Re: Infinity dropping out every 4 to 5 mins

Well, currently stable. Called the engineering fault line and spoke to a chap who after much wrngling did come to understand that it wasn't that my 'wifi won't connect' and that I actually had read the logs - he said 'I'll put in a a request to stabilise the line"


That seems to have calmed things down - only two drops in the last 24hrs.

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