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Infinity fault

I had infinity installed two weeks ago and last Friday at 10.30 it simply stopped working. After reporting the fault at 09:00 on Saturday morning, I am still waiting for the issue to be resolved.

The openreach modem dsl light is continual blinking green which, I believe, indicates that there is an issue at ppp stage.

On Saturday, I was promised that an engineer would attend this morning between 8-1pm. No-one showed up. This is despite my checking this morning at 10am to see all is running to plan and being assured that it was. My partner received a text confirming the appointment, clearly stating that someone would visit.

On speaking to customer service we were told that there never was an engineer due to come to the property! Without being cynical I don't believe anyone has done anything to help me. The online fault tracker says that this was being repaired before 1pm today!

At this point, we were told that someone will attend on Wednesday morning. From looking online I believe that this is no more than a faulty modem!


Please, please can a moderator help me or someone try and sort this out! My partner lost work today and I will again on Wednesday.


I have worked in customer service myself and helped get a company into the top 10 for UK service. BT, it shouldn't and needn't be like this!

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Re: Infinity fault

I feel for you seanyj. Best bet would be to wait until Wednesday and if nothing has happened then PM the mods on this forum using this online form:


I hope all turns out well.



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Re: Infinity fault

Thank you. To be honest I wonder if it's really worth the trouble if this is the fiasco that I face everytime there's problem! But thank you Wedding for trying to help 🙂

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